Saturday, 25 September 2010

This caught my eye. Talk abut hypocracy.

The BBC News reported about the seizure of Chinese Fishing vessels recently. An international incident obviously arose, and words on the diplomatic level were exchanged - even after the Chinese crews were released to China. But for them to then say this is the height of hypocrisy:

"This was an action that gravely violated Chinese sovereignty and the human rights of a Chinese citizen, and the Chinese government strongly protests,"

Who the bloody hell do they think they're kidding? Human Rights? In CHINA?

This, from a country that apparently has one of the highest rates of penal execution on the planet. This, from a country where, when the execute someone by gunshot, they bill the family of the executed person for the cost of the round fired. This, from a country that censors pretty much everything, where the merest hint of dissent or questioning of the State is followed up by visits from Secret Police who can do pretty much anything they want with virtual impunity.

So I'll ask again.

Who the hell do they think they're kidding?