Sunday, 6 December 2015

Regarding the horrific multiple stabbing at ‪‎Leytonstone‬ tube station...

Regarding the horrific multiple stabbing at ‪#‎Leytonstone‬ tube station: This is not likely to be a terrorist incident, in my less than humble opinion.

Despite all the media hype over this, I'll do you a crystal ball on this one: ‪#‎hesnotaterroristbruv‬

  • He's likely a loner.
  • He's likely got a history of trouble with the Police. 
  • He's likely got a history of mental issues.
  • While I doubt it, he may be a Muslim, but I doubt anyone'll lay claim to him from any of the local Mosques.
  • Then someone comes up with a catchy little hashtag ‪#‎youaintamuslimbruv‬, the media catches hold of it, and the result is...
  • Every talking head out there starts doing a Chicken Little screaming "The sky is falling in!" and "Terrorism" at the top of their lungs, because (a) the demented chunderwit yelled "Syria" and (b) the hashtag.

Good grief, we've got enough ruddy problems without this being blown out of all proportion - and much more newsworthy tragedies while I think about it: did anyone notice that a pensioner was killed when he was blown by a gust of wind care of Storm Desmond here in London? No?

Read this: I really feel sorry for the bloke's family; they lost a father, a granddad, a loved one, not three weeks prior to Christmas. THAT'S a tragedy.

See, you hear Terrorism, and instantly you're thinking the worst. ONE lone NUT JOB managed to make you a media addict. He does NOT deserve the airtime or the newsprint.

Get a grip, people: One lone whack job with a Stanley knife does NOT a terrorist make. It makes a horrific incident, yes, but it doesn't make the chunderwit a terrorist.

What, some MP stubs their toe next, and yells it's a terrorist plot to stop him voting on what toilet paper to use next?!