Sunday, 30 May 2010

AAARGH! I'm not having a good day, today...

First, I overslept. NUTS! So, I grabbed the phone and quickly called the depot and, after explaining why I wasn't there, they told me that rather than leaving my lazy carcass in bed, I should go in, as they'd had a few blow-outs (what we call folks who don't turn up to do their shifts on time. Hmm. That's me, today. Oops), and there should be an open shift to cover when I got there.

Great, thought I: So I got through the "s*** shower and shave" routine in almost record time (hint: do military service sometime, and you'll get quick at that too!), dived out the door and into my car, and it was "AWAY WE GO!" to the depot. I had no trouble getting there, as it's a Sunday, there was naff all traffic.

Then, naturally, trouble hit. I got to the depot alright, parked up alright, and then, and I'm stuffed if I know how, did my neck in getting out of the blasted car. Trying to look right resulted (and still does a bit later on too) in shooting pains down the side of my neck and a loud "AAARGH!"

So, I go to the front desk, probably walking a lot like Frankenstein (turning my entire upper body to look left or right), and let the Depot Inspector know the bad news.

He wasn't too impressed. Neither was I (and I'm still not a while later, either), truth be told. It sodding hurt then, and still does a while later!

So, here I am, blogging on the way home... why? Because I've had to leave my car at the depot, as I can't turn my head without pain, and am having to use the very mode of transport I work in, to get home, and because I missed my bloody bus connection from the tram! AAARGH!

It it truly NOT my bloody day today!

Monday, 10 May 2010

AAAARGH! The Safe Place Gremlin's bleedin' at it again!

OK, before we all broke up for the winter hibernation in the local "Open Street Map" Mapping Group, I put my "mapping projects" Rite-in-the-Rain binder in a safe place. I thought that I'd put it right behind me, on the bookshelf that stands against the wall of my computer alcove.

Not apparently so - either that or it's magically moved itself in the last five or six months.

And, of course, I want to use it tonight.

I've turned the flat upside down, shaken it by it's ankles, and watched as everything from loose change to a couple of rubber bricks (Where the HELL did THOSE come from?!) fell out of it's hidden pockets.

But can I find that damned binder with all of last years copious and carefully made entries?

Can I hell. Beedin' Safe Place Gremlin's gone and hidden the damn thing, hasn't it.

I swear, if I ever meet an SPG in the flesh, I'm gonna grab it by it's green and overly-large pointed ears and jump up and down on it's happy sack writ large.

And now, to cap it all, the bloody flat's a mess.


Monday, 3 May 2010

A more serious note...

Bit of a serious one, this time. The Doomsday Clock stands at 23:54 at the moment. I have a hunch it'll move closer to midnight before long.

The news is full of commentaries on Iran and the USA's spat in the United Nations regarding Nuclear Non-Proliferation.

Frankly, the idea of a nation run by a fundamentalist religeous zealot fills me with abject fear - so I'm rather glad that G.W.'s not in the White House anymore!

However, Iran's another problem entirely. If you believe the news media, the Iranian Republican Guard are a major faction that the Iranian President has little or no control over; further, the oversight that the Islamic leadership exerts is, to all accounts that I've read, thready and weak, at best.

This, then, is the hand that would appear to be up the puppet's back, making damnably sure that it's militant and heavily armed voice is heard and listened to in the halls of Iranian power.

This, then, is the power that desperately wants its' finger on the nuclear trigger. God alone knows what might happen if they DO get the bomb, but my bet would be "Nothing good".

Let us all hope and trust the UN to actually stop wringing its' limp wristed wet hands, and stand firm on removing this threat to world survival.

A nice weekend, now it's back to the grind :(

Just spent a nice weekend down the better half's :)

Here's Chunky & Achtung, up to their usual tricks... Chunky asking "What you askin' me to watch da burdy fer? And have you got any sausages?!" and Achtung merely sleeping through the mayhem of Chunky looking for said sausages!

Oh well... my lottery numbers didn't come up again (and what else is new?), so I'm on lates today, so it's back to the grind again...