Monday, 3 May 2010

A more serious note...

Bit of a serious one, this time. The Doomsday Clock stands at 23:54 at the moment. I have a hunch it'll move closer to midnight before long.

The news is full of commentaries on Iran and the USA's spat in the United Nations regarding Nuclear Non-Proliferation.

Frankly, the idea of a nation run by a fundamentalist religeous zealot fills me with abject fear - so I'm rather glad that G.W.'s not in the White House anymore!

However, Iran's another problem entirely. If you believe the news media, the Iranian Republican Guard are a major faction that the Iranian President has little or no control over; further, the oversight that the Islamic leadership exerts is, to all accounts that I've read, thready and weak, at best.

This, then, is the hand that would appear to be up the puppet's back, making damnably sure that it's militant and heavily armed voice is heard and listened to in the halls of Iranian power.

This, then, is the power that desperately wants its' finger on the nuclear trigger. God alone knows what might happen if they DO get the bomb, but my bet would be "Nothing good".

Let us all hope and trust the UN to actually stop wringing its' limp wristed wet hands, and stand firm on removing this threat to world survival.

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