Monday, 10 May 2010

AAAARGH! The Safe Place Gremlin's bleedin' at it again!

OK, before we all broke up for the winter hibernation in the local "Open Street Map" Mapping Group, I put my "mapping projects" Rite-in-the-Rain binder in a safe place. I thought that I'd put it right behind me, on the bookshelf that stands against the wall of my computer alcove.

Not apparently so - either that or it's magically moved itself in the last five or six months.

And, of course, I want to use it tonight.

I've turned the flat upside down, shaken it by it's ankles, and watched as everything from loose change to a couple of rubber bricks (Where the HELL did THOSE come from?!) fell out of it's hidden pockets.

But can I find that damned binder with all of last years copious and carefully made entries?

Can I hell. Beedin' Safe Place Gremlin's gone and hidden the damn thing, hasn't it.

I swear, if I ever meet an SPG in the flesh, I'm gonna grab it by it's green and overly-large pointed ears and jump up and down on it's happy sack writ large.

And now, to cap it all, the bloody flat's a mess.


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