Monday, 27 June 2011

There are idiots, and there are idiots...

And the prize, honking great, lowbrow, amoeba-brained half wit moron that parked right on top of this traffic island is one of them. Vans can get past. Cars can too.

But anything wider, and, well.

You see my point.

Saturday, 18 June 2011

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Fundamental shifts in perception...

Had a major shift in how I look at things this morning...

OK, so there I was, getting a lift from a mate to a living history event that we try to regularly attend, and he got saddled with his kids for the day as well. Not as bad as you might imagine, they're actually fairly well behaved, which just goes to show that if you train 'em right, they come out right... (hint hint cough nudge not-so-subtle dig at politicians...!) So, anyhow, as you can imagine, we were minding our Ps and Qs...

And then one of the kids spotted a Roman Catholic priest walking down the road, in full duty order (as one might call it), shirt, black, high-collar (With frontal neck gap); collar, dog, white; trousers, black; shoes, black, highly polished; and coat, frock, full length. No hat, but you can't have everything, I suppose. After a somewhat pregnant pause while the kids in the back digested this not-very regular sight, what did they yell out?


How my mate didn't crash the car laughing his block off, I'll never fathom. Took me five minutes of whooping and coughing, and a further fifteen minutes of inane giggling, before I got myself back under control, much to the kids (and my mates') amusement.

But ye Gods (no pun intended!), I'll never look at another RC Priest in the same way again!