Sunday, 30 May 2010

AAARGH! I'm not having a good day, today...

First, I overslept. NUTS! So, I grabbed the phone and quickly called the depot and, after explaining why I wasn't there, they told me that rather than leaving my lazy carcass in bed, I should go in, as they'd had a few blow-outs (what we call folks who don't turn up to do their shifts on time. Hmm. That's me, today. Oops), and there should be an open shift to cover when I got there.

Great, thought I: So I got through the "s*** shower and shave" routine in almost record time (hint: do military service sometime, and you'll get quick at that too!), dived out the door and into my car, and it was "AWAY WE GO!" to the depot. I had no trouble getting there, as it's a Sunday, there was naff all traffic.

Then, naturally, trouble hit. I got to the depot alright, parked up alright, and then, and I'm stuffed if I know how, did my neck in getting out of the blasted car. Trying to look right resulted (and still does a bit later on too) in shooting pains down the side of my neck and a loud "AAARGH!"

So, I go to the front desk, probably walking a lot like Frankenstein (turning my entire upper body to look left or right), and let the Depot Inspector know the bad news.

He wasn't too impressed. Neither was I (and I'm still not a while later, either), truth be told. It sodding hurt then, and still does a while later!

So, here I am, blogging on the way home... why? Because I've had to leave my car at the depot, as I can't turn my head without pain, and am having to use the very mode of transport I work in, to get home, and because I missed my bloody bus connection from the tram! AAARGH!

It it truly NOT my bloody day today!

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