Saturday, 19 July 2008

You couldn't make this **** up, I kid you not!

So, here I am, still spaced of mind and slacked of jaw.... and here's why...

I'm on a break from work, called Annual Holiday. So, I'm spending a goodly portion of it with my better half, who lives near Reading. Since I'm coming through Bracknell as usual, could, I was asked, I stop off at the KFC, and pick up a family bucket, please? Sure, no problem says I.


Everythings' fine and dandy, up to the point where I pull into the KFC. I ask for the 12.99 family bucket, only to be told in a vaguely French accent by the girl behind the counter: "Sorry, we 'ave no Chicken".


"Sorry, what?"

"We 'ave no chicken. We 'ave everything else, but no chicken".

"Right. OK, lemme wrap my brain around that for a moment. This is a KFC, correct?"


"Kentucky Fried Chicken, emphasis on that last word, Chicken. And yet you have no chicken".


"Right. Fine. Bye."

And that was that. I wasn't going to get into a silly and fruitless argument or discussion regarding the merits or otherwise of remaining open when one doesn't have the core item for doing business. I'll leave that to the snottygram I'll be writing to KFC Head Office in the morning.

But Ye Bleeding Bloody Gods On Sticks! No Chicken? In a K bleedin' F Bleedin' C?!


You couldn't make this stuff up when drunk!


James UK said...

Reminds me of one of my old posts; I wanted to buy one of those iTunes £15 pre-paid giftcards, and went into an offical Apple shop that had just opened in Chelmsford.

Having looked around the multitude of iPods, adaptors, accessories and such, I couldn't see the cards anywhere.

The place was empty, so attracting the attention of one of the staff, I asked him where the gift cards were. "We don't sell iTunes giftcards here"

Like you, I stood there for a moment, incredulous...

When I'd composed myself again, I said "But this is an Apple shop?", to which the guy snapped back rudely "Yeah, and we don't sell them"

Like you, I just gave up, and walked out, doing the exagerrated head shaking for good measure.

It's a shame, but I just knew that not one of the staff who were watching would say later on "Hey, why don't we sell them then? Shouldn't we? I mean, we are an Apple shop, aren't we?"

Roger said...

lol - sounds rather familiar... yup... rather familiar indeed :) At least you had the rude waiter - I mean assistant ;)