Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Move down inside and STAY THERE!

OK, here's the latest bus-related rant; I drive (primarily) routes using single-deck 'dart' buses; the ones from my depot only have one set of doors, which are at the front, so they're rather unsurprisingly used by passengers to both get on and get off the bus.

Rant one: folks waiting to get on, not even waiting to let the aged and folks with baby buggies off first. Like pushing and shoving is going to let the bus get moving more quickly. This also applies most especially to youths in uniform, i.e. schoolbrats. Idiots, one and all, for the most part, for the aforementioned reason. I single those idiots out now, a few days before the new term begins, in the sincere and probably forlorn hope that one of their parents might be reading this, and may then seek to properly educate said idiot ;)

Next rant: Standing on the footplate. Please observe the photo, left. Clear as day, that.

When you stand on the footplate (the area between the drivers cab and the front doors), you block the drivers nearside view, with potentially catastrophic results. We look out that damn door to (1) judge where the kerb is, and (2) look for oncoming traffic at junctions. We also use it to (3) look into the nearside mirror, to ensure that some suicidal two-wheeled twit a.k.a. a pedal cyclist, isn't trying to undertake us as we turn left, or pull in, or some form of similar driver manoeuvre.

So, do us all a favour: Wait until everyone who wants to have alighted the bus before you try to get on, and once on, MOVE DOWN INSIDE, and STAY THERE! Do NOT under any except the most dire of emergencies, distract or block the view of the driver while the bus is in motion, or stand anywhere in the footplate area.

You only have yourself to blame if there's a few rude words planted six feet into your skull, should you NOT pay attention to those simple requirements!

Many thanks :)

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cogidubnus said...

Move right down the car please ...

Presumably, unless said distraction is female, over 16 (ish) and attractive...

It works both ways ... loads of drivers spend their time chatting up the distractingly pretty bikes...

For safety's sake (yours and theirs) DON'T !