Sunday, 31 May 2009

Well, well, well. Look what's happened.

Why am I not surprised?

TomTom version 7 for Windows Smartphones and Windows PDAs has now been released as a retail package. Note the version number: 7.

Only one major problem, folks:
Version 7 is already obsolete.
The current version on the TomTom Personal Navigation Devices is version 8.

Also, the retail price is £89.95. There's cheaper satnav packages out there, granted without a lot of the bells and whistles already on TT v6, let alone v7, but they're getting there, and UNLIKE TomTom, most of those manufacturers actually DO listen to their customers. iGo is a case in point, as is McGuider, and others.

TT shot themselves in the head over a YEAR ago, which was the moment they said they weren't going to release v7 as a retail package and/or as an upgrade to licenced users. That's what put me off buying TT ever again, and to hell with them. They honked me right off with their "we know better than you lot, we're releasing PNDs now, and stuff you PDA users" attitude.

So, now the credit crunch is biting their oversized European backsides, they wanna try to curry favour with us PDA users? Nuts to that (far too mild a term for how I feel, but this is PG rated, so there we go!). There's an old Biblical term they need to remember:

"As Ye Sow, So Shall Ye Reap".

There're other quotes I could add as well, but I'm running out of salt to stuff in the wound!

POSTSCRIPT: Seems the number of "Supported Devices" is pretty limited as well, as they only developed drivers for a small handful of current devices. So much for marketability!

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