Friday, 24 July 2009

Helpful Customer Service - what a change!

Just got off the phone with Vodafone Customer Services - what a pleasure it was to actually speak to someone in this country in IT (Information Technology) who KNOWS what they're on about, rather than bluffing it or reading from a script!

I had to get my phone's SIM card enabled to allow access to "t'infernalnut" (as a mate up north once called it!). Phoned Vodafone at 0830 (right smack dab on opening hours, no less!), and got a lad named "Jake". Wondeful lad, asked how I was finding the phone ("turn left at London!") as he was considering getting one - aside from the technical whoopsie I had last night (read below), no problems, aside from getting the net on the phone. So, he guided me, step by step, through the process, including the wap and two different sets of mms settings et al, until it was all sorted - excellent work, that man - much appreciated :)

And WHAT a difference in attitude from Orange, who couldn't care less, from my last phone call to them when I cancelled my Orange contract, not even a plaintive "what can we do to keep you" was uttered, let me tell you. Frankly, I'm rather glad to be shot of orange - and back to Vodafone, who I recall from the dim and distant past (like, 1993 or so) were my first mobile phone service provider!

They were originally binned for being much too expensive (I eventually went to one2one back in 1997 - remember them? They're called T-Mobile now!), then to Orange (before the French take over they were good, then it all went downhill!), and now back to Vodafone...

Small world, innit? ;)

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