Friday, 7 August 2009

Arrrrrr, matey!

Welcome to aquabus, rivers forded, oceans sailed, scourge of the Seven Sisters and Whitehall Main! Aaaaaaar, matey, shiver me timbers an' splice me mainbrace, I'll have kippers for breakfast!

Ahem. Getting a tad carried away there, but ye gods, it was a trifle damp tonight. Damp? Scratch that... I wasn't driving a bus, I was sailing a bloody submarine most of the first round!

The photo is of the southern bus stand on the route. Note the reflections on the ground of the turning circle - yep, it's completely submerged! Heck, the water only just failed to come over the edge of the platform as I floated over it!

Glub, glub, where's me aqualungs?!

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