Monday, 4 October 2010

Hmm... lost in the mists of time...

Someone I know from another blog recently got back from holiday, and made the following observation...

"Isn't it amazing that we don't have FILM cameras?"

Y'know, I hadn't even thought about that for many, many moons, until she mentioned it; I switched to digital a while back, something like eight to ten years ago, I think, and while I still have a point-and-shoot film camera, I hardly ever use it these days, since I've got both a camera on my phone (yeah, I know, who hadn't these days), and a dedicated pocket digital camera that aces out the old film camera anyhow (it does video too - whoopee! - it's good for Candid Camera at Christmas, lol).


Anyhow, it used to be over here in Great Britain, that chemists (Americans would call them Pharmacies, I think) and most large retail chains (I'm including Boots, Sainsburys, Tescos, other supermarkets, and so on) would stock film in many and various sizes, formats, and speeds - not any more, though: I can't recall seeing film in anywhere other than dedicated camera shops for quite a while, now (not, really, that I was looking, I suppose).

Makes you wonder - well, makes me wonder, anyhow - what else we've changed to, and never really noticed is missing these days.

Anyone care to chip in with observations?

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