Monday, 28 February 2011

Oh, joy... Vodafone's been borked :-(

Seems Vodafone's been burgered by thieves today. Would be the day my other half is moving homes, of course.

Seems the burglars knew exactly which place to target - and unfortunately for us Vodafone punters, it's a major data hub at Basingstoke, used by Vodafone to route all manner of calls and data across the network. Needless to say, it's stuffed up everything six ways from Sunday and then some.

Question is, how come the tea leaves who raided the place could access it so easily? I thought these data centres were the Fort Knoxes of the telecomms companies, being the heart of their businesses, so to speak?

Someone definitely needs a kick someplace sensitive on this one - is there a Director of Security at Vodafone, perchance? Someone who can be held to account for this appalling lack of security to a point so vital to the network, perhaps?

We shall, no doubt, see.

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