Tuesday, 9 August 2011

It's about time I really ranted, so here we go.

I cannot, in this place, call the people that did all of this by the words I want to use; the Blant wold be censored so fast it'd make my head spin.

Last night, the violence that hit Tottenham and then Brixton came to Croydon.

Live, on the news, the BBC showed a bus and a major landmark shop being razed to the ground, for no more reason than to give the offenders a cheap laugh.

Frankly, I'm completely sickened by this; I work in the Croydon area, travelling past Reeves Corner every day; this wasn't a protest on 'globalisation', 'poverty' or any other such dubious tripe and nonsense: This was plain vindictiveness from those who quite probably haven't, and never will have, a job, towards those who they hate, those who have actually have got a job. Its the haves and have nots all over again. And the courts, having been so hellishly lenient towards those who commit crime over the last decade or so - especially when youths were involved - are a major factor in the blame game that's now coming home to roost.

The polititians that we send to Parliament every four or five years need to sit up and take notice: Enough is bloody well more than enough.

If the courts will not be harsh, then MAKE them be harsh, and impose real punishment on those who offend; prisons are places where the offender now has more rights than the victims of the crimes - and offenders now appear to see it as a holiday camp, and even seem to sue the government if their in-cell telly is taken away.

Again: Enough is enough.

Fix that first: Re-establish a regime in prison that actually makes prison a place of punishment, not of leisure.

I will freely admit that we're in a recession, and that money is far too tight. But we NEED to make examples of those who offend, now more than ever.

Despite what some say, do NOT send the offenders into the Armed Forces: it's the wrong place for them, and the Armed Forces frankly do NOT want them, either.

Instead, if you canot (or will not) put the offenders in prison, put them to work - and I do mean work - in the most demeaning and humiliatingly disgusting jobs you can find, that will benefit and/or restore the communities that they harmed.

Next up: Order must be restored forthwith; if the Police canot do it on their own, then declare an Emergency, and put the Armed Forces to work in their MACC role (Military Aid to the Civil Community), to assist the Police with their task of restoring Law and Order.

Once you've done that, make sure the Police treat everything as Zero Tolerance. maybe then we'll start to see a bit of common decency and respect re-enter our communities. One can only hope, anyhow.

Further, here's my call to our elected representatives in Parliament: Actually Do the sodding job you were given by us, the general public. Stop the stupid Etonian-style upper-class horsedroppings and games you play in those corridors and chambers of power, and LEAD in a meaningful and acceptable way. Ensure that the rule of law, and that proper order, and returned to the streets, making them safe for all law-abiding subjects to conduct their lawful goings-on, and put the offenders on immediarte and unconditional notice that they will be dealt with by the harshest possible means known to man.

And if that means telling Europe to go stick a sharp and pointy barbed object up their backsides, so be it: This bleating on about this or that breaching an offenders Human Rights excuse nonsense we hear all too much of these days has GOT to be reigned in to the light of Common Sense.

Then: Re-introduce the death penalty for murder, like the public have been demanding in that online petition, and bugger what Europe says on the topic. What the hell do THEY know? It's OUR damned country, NOT theirs, and it's what we, the subjects, want.

Yes, i said "Subjects". We are not bloody "citizens", we, as British people, are subjects of the Crown. Get that right, too, and stop trying to be so damned politically correct. I would remind you lot in Parliament that PC also stands for Prime Crud (and other less polite words, too), and the PC rubbish you lot come out with on an almost daily basis smells like it too. So dump the PC rubbish where it needs to go to, and see a bit of CS, or Common Sense.

On Europe and the so-called EC. Frankly, I've had my fill of Europe and it's wishy washy stupidity to last many lifetimes, let alone the one I'm alloted; the Common Market (Forerunner to the EEC, and then the EC and now the EU) was a good idea. What it's morphed into is a nightmare of truly hellish proportions, and we need to get out now, and allow our country to be run by us, not them.

Next: Foreign Aid. I admit, it's heart-rending to see the extreme poverty and suffering in the developing - or 'third' - world, but charity begins at home, after all, and until we've put our own house in order, what the hell are we doing sending monies that could better be spent fixing up this place, than a place many thousands of miles away? Moreover: These foreign aid deals seem to include conditions, like do politics this way, not that way, put irrigation in, don't buy more arms and ammunition wuth this money, and so on. Seems to me that these conditions are moot: They're going to do just what the hell they please with the money, so don't bother. Spend it here, where you CAN guarantee that it'll be spend properly. Maybe, just maybe, when we've put our own house in order, we can then show the rest of the world a shining beacon of respectability and decency that's the envy of the rest of the world, that may even command a bit of respect, so that what we suggest may actually happen across the globe.

Again, one can only hope, but it's down to the polititians we put in Parliament to actually stand up and do their part for us to have a chance at it working.

Listen in, you Parliamentarians: We put you lot there, you damn well listen to us - or we may well wind up voting you out next time, and bang goes your gravy train. Think about it.

The time for Common Sense is apon us all.

Who's with me?

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