Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Well, now...

My new upgrade phone arrived a couple of hours ago - by Parcel Force, no less. Those who know me well, will have heard me turn the air blue (and many other colours besides) when muttering about their shortcomings in delivering - or rather, not delivering - stuff to me. To keep it polite, let's just say that we've had issues, Parcel Force and I.

All this appears to be changing, though. Including the last delivery - I wasn't home so, rather than take the items (presents for someone) back to the depot, the driver stuck a note through the door, telling me to collect the items from the local sub-post office - which was nice, as their local depot is over ten miles from here. I was very pleasantly surprised at that, but didn't expect it to be more than a one-off occurance.

This time, their lad actually not only found the place (even the local Pizza Delivery places occasionally have CRAFT moments, as there are two roads with the same name as mine within a mile of here!), he hit the buzzer and delivered properly - unlike a fair few of his colleagues in the past - so maybe, just maybe, PF are getting grip after all. We shall see.

Oh yeah, the new phone? Impressively solid, with a truly massive screen compared to my last phone, swift in doing what I've tried to do on it, and - lo and behold - all i had to do was enter my gmail account details and the phone did the rest, importing my contacts, mail, and calender. VERY nice. I didn't even have to enter the settings for Vodafone, they were already in there!

Next up, get to grips with Android, and get a couple of accessories, like a rubberised armour case, a screen protector film, and a belt pouch. I can do that over the next couple of days easily nough, anyhow.

What I have seen of its capabilities, though, has been very impressive, and thus far, I'm very satisfied - heck, it even came with an 8 Gig MicroSD card installed!

Can't say much better than that, can you?

Oh yeah. CRAFT? It means "Can't Remember A Flaming Thing". Well, close enough to that as makes no real difference, anyhow. Blame my Old man for that one. I was drinking a pint when he told me. Guess where it landed up, aerosol-like *grin*

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