Thursday, 1 March 2012

Karma schmarma...

My partner and I have been together (of a sort) for nigh on six years. We live some seventy miles apart, me in the London suburbs, my partner in the sticks, both of us in striking distance of our job sites - for me, the bus depot; for my partner, the office. We therefore have to go to some care to ensure that we get quality time together. A long distance relationship this definitely is, of course.

Take this weekend. I've not been able to get to see my better half for close to six weeks now, and was looking forward to us getting together this weekend for a few days.

The last long weekend I had to blow out, as it hit right at what I call Bill Day, the day of the month that all my bills get paid, depleting my bank account in one fell swoop each month.

This time, my partners new job has put the kibosh on our getting together for a long weekend; It appears that there's some form of project that my better half is heavily involved in, that is due to be presented to the company's client on Monday, and it means mandatory weekend overtime at my other half's office to get it ready in time.

Sometimes, long distance relationships are hard on the heart.

However, in the final analysis, a relationship is only as good as the effort you put into it - with the caveat that you both put in the effort, and do what you can to make thing interesting when you do get together.

So much, then, for this weekend. Now I have to go back to square one and figure out a way to make the next time we meet that much more special than usual.

In the mean time, I guess I get to do household chores again in my flat *sigh*.

My horoscope warned me, of course. It said "Today is a day of karma in action".

Lemme tell you, if a horoscope were a person, it'd be getting a right sincere slap around the chops right about now...

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