Saturday, 7 July 2012

It was the worst atrocity that London had seen since the Blitz...

...But it wasn't caused by a foreign power in a declared war, with the Geneva Conventions governing its conduct.

It was committed by four insanely misguided followers of the Islamic Faith, who had corrupted it's tenets and intent, who had then set out to murder innocent people.


To misquote Roosevelt, "The 7th of July 2005 is a day that will live in infamy".

They did not care who they targeted. They claimed that they were Islamic Soldiers acting in response to worldwide attacks on their religion, but they did not target the politicians who they must have held responsible; instead, they strapped on backpack bombs containing powerful home-made explosives, and targeted innocent every-day members of the public. Workers and tourists, women and children. NON-COMBATANTS, in other words. In a properly declared war that's a war crime, by the way.

Some terrorist groups attempted to claim responsibility. Seven years on, there are still no grounds to reasonably confirm these claims, other than their intent to jump on the bandwagon.

Let us be clear: I am not a Muslim, but I believe in God. I was raised a Christian, but I am far from being a perfect one. I say now: The Islamic Faith is NOT responsible for this outrage. Four bloody madmen were.

Remember the victims. There's a memorial in Hyde Park, should you ever be near there.

And do NOT, EVER, allow any religion to be perverted into messages of hate and fear, ever again.

There's a full history and timeline of the events of that harrowing and horrendous day on Wikipedia.

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