Monday, 8 June 2015

Next up... the netbook... (Part two)

OK, part two...

Following the problems with Xubuntu, I looked about, and sought advice. Damnsmalllinux was suggsted, but the information on the current state of the project did not make for optomistic reading. In addition, there was no LTS version of it available. So, no to DSL then. Pity, but that's life.

Lubuntu - yet another fork of Ubuntu - then appeared on the horizon, mostly dut to the listing over on wikipedia relating to lightweight Linux distros ( I decided to give it a try, and downloaded the 64-bit LTS iso, again using Startup Drive Creator to create the live thumb drive; it worked with no problems, and when I tried it in the Acer netbook, WOW, twenty seconds - maybe even a tad less - to boot up into the desktop.

WiFi worked first time, and logged right into the home broadband system.

I've not yet played around with the rest of the nuts and bolts of it, but it was appreciably quicker and more responsive than the existing Windoze 7 installation.

I'll be testing it on and off over the week, but it very much looks like I may well have found the flavour of Linux for my Acer Netbook :-)

More when the testing is done :-)

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