Monday, 25 January 2016

Installation day update

Ran out of light, ran out of patience, cold causing ****ing cramp in my sodding toes, backache from bending over to reach things in the boot that keep ****ing MOVING for no bloody reason, I sodding swear if I NEVER see another fucking crimp connector in the ****ing dark it'll be too sodding soon.

Things that went right:

  • FINALLY fixed the radio inside the boot, having quick charged another drill battery, and drilled pilot holes for self-tapping screws that fixed the mounting bracket to the seat back.
  • Ran cables from battery to boot.
  • Ran control and speaker cables from head unit position on dash to boot.

  • Positioned extension speaker on top of dash. Connected cable to it.
  • Positioned Head unit bracket, and fixed it in place. Ran cable to it. Head unit fits in allocated slot on mounting bracket, and cable connects properly.
  • Hand mike fits in allocated slot on mounting bracket, and cable to head unit connects properly.
  • Antenna bracket had to be positioned in a different place than intended due to full-width coverage of rear windscreen on hatchback, and curves of Mondeo Mk2 hatchback lid, coupled with the fitting of the 'aerofoil' on the 'ledge' of the hatchback lid. Bracket therefore mounted lower than desired.
  • Coax successfully run from antenna bracket, along inside of hatchback lid, to the radio.
  • Connected control and speaker leads to radio body.

Things that went wrong:

  • Ran out of light
  • Temperature dropped like a stone after dark, causing agonising cramp in my toes.
  • Crimping in the dark is well-night IMPOSSIBLE. Power cable NOT complete.
  • SWR adjusting of antenna not conducted due to the above.
All in all? I'm paying someone to fit a radio to my next bloody car. I now have to get up even  earlier tomorrow, in order to complete the fitting of the radio, before I go to work.

How and why the hell was it easier to fit the 7800 to my last Mondeo?!


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