Saturday, 26 January 2008

It appears a "Blant" is, in fact, something completely different!

Due to completely idle curiosity, I just did a Google search for "Blant", and found a shedload of Welsh come up. Oh, nuts. Time to find a translation tool.

Altavista (bablefish to you!) couldn't do it, nor could the official Welsh-English translation tool sponsored by the Welsh Assembly and the EU (find it yerself, I'm not about to embarrass them more than this - I've had enough grief off Gaelic types to last me a lifetime - oh sod it, it's the University of Wales at Lampeter!), but eventually found one that could translate "Blant": Here's the translation:

Query Results for "blant"
The legend with the abbreviations and conventions can be found in another file.

plentyn [plant, m.]
(n.) child, infant, kid
(kid) Plentyn is the kid who is a young child.
athro plant
(n.) pedagogue
gwely plentyn
(n.) crib
Gwely plentyn is the crib a baby sleeps in.
plant dan anfantais
(n.) handicapped children
plentyn bach
(n.) babe
plentyn gordderch
(n.) bastard
plentyn hwyrgynnydd
(n.) late developer
ysgol i blant bach
(n.) kindergarten

And here's the linkage, in case you're curious...

So there you have it.

My blog/rant is, in fact, a bastard kindergarten plant (plentyn gordderch ysgol i blant bach)!


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