Wednesday, 30 January 2008

On the post-heart attack lifestyle...

I've mentioned to a fair few people, including those on a couple of web-based forums, that I had a ticker attack; not for the sympathy vote, but either in passing, or to point out why I wouldn't be around at various places/events for a while. This has prompted the usual round of "get well soon" "it's God's way of telling you to ditch the fags" "if you couldn't take a joke, maybe you ought to have eaten better" etc from both friends and... erm... others... but what had me laughing this morning was a rather accurate and truthful observation by Natasha, a member of one of those forums:

BUT....I having just done over 200 steps on the machine (6:20am, I should still be in bed!!) and then spent 5 minutes laying on the sofa wondering why I am torturing myself like this but strangely, I think I am enjoying it, exercise is one of those things I have never enjoyed, changing my diet (no problem) but exercise....ewwww, moving was my exercise!

It is strange how quickly your body starts to accept things though. You'll be fine and you will probably wonder how on earth you could ever have lived that way before.

The frightening thing is: She's right!

So, what's changed for me thus far?

Following my Stent installation that shocking night, and having ditched the fags (a heart attack is a pretty good warning that something ought to be done!), I've had to change my diet at well. Out have gone the burgers and greasy spoon food; in has come low-saturated fat foods (and you note from a blant below that this has not been easy to do!); in has come Doctor-Ordered exercise, rising from five minutes walking per day on my discharge from hospital, to the current 15-30 minutes per day, (including the two flights of stairs to my flat); this will increase as time goes by, as I fully intend to get fit again, and lose the spare Pirelli around my waist (Hell, I'm apparently three or four STONE overweight! NOT GOOD!)

So, what's the main thing I'm getting used to?

Not coughing my guts up every morning as I get up.

Amazing how you take things for granted before they HAVE to change, innit?

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