Sunday, 3 February 2008

British Rail Sandwiches make a comeback?

I spotted this outside one of those 'mini French stick build to order' style places today; just glancing about while doing a little shopping (and getting my required daily walking exercise in, of course).

Now, I'll admit right from the go that I only glanced at it as I ambled past in the shopping centre, and didn't really pay much attention to it.

Until five paces later when my subconscious brain caught up and yelled "OI!" to my conscious brain. The conversation went a little like this:

SubConsciousBrain: "OI! Hold up!"
ConsciousBrain: "What?"
SCB: "Did you see what that sign said?"
CB: "What sign?"
SCB: "The sandwichy place sign"
CB: "No. Why? Also, did you just tell Legs to stop?"
SCB: "Yes. To stop us tripping over Feet. The sign said 'artesian bread' - you really didn't notice?"
CB: "Ah, right, makes sense. No, I didn't notice. Why, what's so special about soggy bread? Hang on. I withdraw the question. FEET! Get us back there!"

And thus I found myself in front of the shop again. Yep: I'd misread it.

Although there may indeed be a market for bread dredged up from subterranean wells, this isn't a shop that sells such a soggy substance... probably just as well, as the era of British Rail Sandwiches is well and truly over... isn't it?

If not, name and shame the soggy sandwich shops here as a warning to others!

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