Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Death By Chocolate...

As you know, I had a heart attack a month or so ago. As a result, I've had to pack in the smoking (no great loss there), reduce the caffeine intake (ok, I follow the reasoning, caffeine's a stimulant, and my heart needs to have a chance to recover before I add more stimulants), and reduce the saturated fat intake. Well, I never was much one for fat on food, being a little like Jack Sprat in that regard.


I now discover, to my abject horror, that chocolate, in all its' forms, is heavily (and I do mean heavily) laden with saturated fats. Even dark chocolate.

For pities' sake!

It's bad enough that I'm going through nicotine withdrawal and caffeine withdrawal, without these damn dieticians adding my favourite comfort food of them all to the banned list as well !

So, I started looking for low-fat chocolate.

No such animal exists.

Even Diabetic Chocolate is merely low on sugars, not fats.

This is plainly a case of chocolate manufacturers making their products for the mass market, not for the niché market; now, I can follow their thinking here, as it's cheaper (and therefore more profitable) to make their products for most folks, not just all.

Never the less, in these days of body-image-concious folks, dieticians, and so on, surely, someone, somewhere, has come up with a *bleep* low *bleep* fat *bleep* chocolate bar that's say, lower than *bleep* 10% *bleep* Saturated *bleep* Fat?

'Scuse the *bleep*. I'm suffering acute chocolack



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