Friday, 8 February 2008

So, now RIAA wants to put spyware on your PC - and you won't have a choice?!

They have got to be bloody kidding. Read this...

Now, if Mr Cary Sherman wants to do this on MY machine, he may wait until a negative thermal reaction affects the place that he who must not be named inhabits. In other words, there is no way in hell that he may do this on my machine, not until hell freezes over, and even then, most likely not.

Has this complete fool (I'd like to use stronger words, but they're not allowed here!) lost his bloody mind? Can you, Mr Sherman, say Personal Privacy. Can you say illegal Surveillance? Can you can Computer Misuse Act?

Try it, pal. Please. I'll do my best to have the Police at your front door so fast it'll feel like a barbed wire enema.

Ye gods, the RIAA are so bloody stupid it's almost beyond comprehension sometimes.

After all the public revelations regarding identity theft, personally identifiable information leaks, and so on and so forth regarding personal computer security, RIAA comes along and says "hi there. We're just gonna put this spyware on your system. Have a nice day" and they think we're going to allow it?

Let's be perfectly frank. Downloading stuff you haven't paid for is, of course, illegal, and rightly it's called theft for a reason. Never the less, RIAA have this oddly insane way of going after the WRONG targets. They go after the EASY targets, the individuals, the brats and such, when in reality, they should be going after the organised criminals, the triads, mafioski, drug tzars, and so on. Of course, that's be a decidedly dangerous change in tactics for RIAA. Might even get then targeted for being shot a few zillion times, as copyright theft is rather profitable to those folks. It's a source of income to them, after all.

So here's a thought, Mr Sherman. Take your latest idea, and stick it where the sun doesn't shine. Go after the REAL criminals instead.

I tell you, whatever RIAA're smoking, I wouldn't mind a drag or three!*

* Before I notify the DEA in the USA about their odd smoking habits, that is!

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