Friday, 29 February 2008

OK... some general comment regarding paperwork and Living History Group Re-Enactors, and a request...

In the Living History group that I'm a member of, I've been accused of being somewhat obsessed with paperwork. I admit it, I'm guilty as charged, etc etc etc Get over it

Seriously, there WILL be those, at some time or another, who will come up to us at an event, and ask us it we've got such-and-such a piece of documentation. Now, while it's not something that the run-of-the-mill members of the public will be likely to ask, it's eminently plausible and possible that former soldiers (indeed, currently serving as well!) might ask this; the Army didn't just march on its' stomach, it's kit, or even its' weapons: The Mickey Mouse Factor was always at work, and any good squaddie'll tell you that one appropriately presented and properly-completed form will solve a multitude problems (and insults) from an SNCO who likes nothing more than eating soldiers for breakfast, lunch, and dinner

Therein lies the problem for us Document Fabricators (as I like to call those of us who enjoy this aspect of the hobby - and please don't call me a dodgy f****** - I know I'm one of those already ). Not all the original documents are either easy to find, or even available; when new forms are published in the military, the old ones are normally scrapped by slinging them in the shredder, bin, or burn-bags. So. I have a simple request for all of you ex-military types out there: Go through your kit, and if you've any old Army forms from the 1970s and 1980s, hang onto them, and LET ME KNOW!

For my part, I'll undertake to, as soon as practicably, reproduce them in PDF format for general release, with a comment on the final repro copy as to the source of the original document - how's that?

Thanks in advance!

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