Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Snow and sarcasm

Well... this was the view from my flats yesterday (Monday morning, at about 2am), while it was still snowing hard. I was off over the weekend (something didn't agree with me, I was a very sick bus driver), so this didn't help.

Anyhow, I made sure that I could get to work today (or so I thought) by making sure that the car has good tracks to get to the road (did that in the afternoon, after the majority of the snow had fallen). Put the car right up to the road, neatly reversed in self same tracks to enable me to get the car out at 04:30. Damn near coughed my stomach lining up in the process, of course, but made the effort none the less.

I then, seeing the forecast, went to be early, as I'd decided to get out earlier this morning, due to ice warnings. Normally, I get up a couple of hours before my shift starts, get in half an hour or so before the shift, and relaxingly sort out my life before getting behind the bus driving wheel. Not this time: I got up a full three and a half hours before my shift, and was down at my car a full two and a half hours early for a shift start at 06:10.

I needn't've bothered. Couldn't get the )&£%)*&")($&£_*%*$&% car out of the blasted bay, let alone the car park. Damn thing kept sliding of the tracks and spinning the wheels, despite the traction control system kicking in. I managed a whole fifteen feet from where I'd parked (just off camera to the left, landing up stalled and stranded in front and blocking off the two cars on the left that you can see).

So, phoned work (from the car) to give them the bad news, and got a load of sarcasm back. "Didn't you dig your car out yesterday? Put salt down?".


Of course I had (sarcastic twit) and told him what I'd done the previous afternoon, what had happened this morning, and on the verge of telling him exactly what I thought of his sarcasm, bit my tongue, bid him goodbye, and hung up.

Blow me down if he doesn't call me right back and give me verbage for hanging up.

I told him that I'd speak to him later, as I'd already spent 45 minutes trying to get the car out AGAIN, and was about ready to start swearing stupidly, and bid him goodbye again.

I don't need that kind of rubbish from a Depot Inspector who SHOULD know better (and to give him his due, normally does know better, even if the chances are better than even that I'm well and truly off his Christmas Card List now), so the hell with it. I'm staying home today, full service from my depot or not.

I'm apparently on a day off tomorrow, according to the rota, and on the first day's training of this new-fangled CPC (Certificate of Professional Competence) on Thursday, so hopefully this damn stupid muck will have melted away by then.

Give me mud and rain any day, or even snow on it's own. THOSE I can handle.

Snow AND Ice? At the SAME time?!

Leave it in bleedin' Siberia, where it truly belongs.

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