Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Welcome to the Great British Summer :(

OK, Spring Bank Holiday just gone, and the Sunday and Monday were passable, weather-wise.

Now, it's Wednesday, and I got woken by a massive crack of thunder at around 5.30 this morning, to find a rather rattled Achtung on my bed (I'm on holiday with my partner currently), looking worriedly in my face as if saying "can you make it stop, please?"

So, I stumble out of bed (yes, I'm probably as clumsy as the next bloke when I wake up, sorry to disillusion all those that think us bus drivers are supermen!), and stagger to the window, to see what's going on out there. Hmph. So I took a photo.

That's the golf club over the road. No, I don't play the game. Tried once. Sent divots all over the place, and by a pure fluke, managed to get the ball to go maybe twenty metres. Not my game. I'm MILES better at darts, and truth be told I'm average at that too!

Anyway, looking over the road, it's a fairly safe bet that anyone playing golf today will require aqualungs!

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