Saturday, 4 April 2009

A new emergency exit, or perhaps a new trap door...?

Seen arriving in the depot this morning after I'd cashed up at the end of my night bus shift... yep... the entire window was missing.

The driver related that he only found out when a passenger left the bus at the end of the journey (his final one before bringing the bus back to the depot, unfortunately, or he might've had an early knock-off, rather sad that!), and told him that it was "a tad chilly upstairs," and this was "probably because some **** has taken one of your windows at the back out!" Our mans comment was allegedly printable for a change! Obviously the Mandatory Customer Relations courses for all staff are working, then

Anyhow, the glass looked to have completely popped out, as there was no shattered glass inside the upper deck, so... erm... anyone know of someone wandering around in a dazed, battered, bruised, maybe even slightly pebble-dashed manner on a main road in South London asking what the number of that bus was...?

More to the point, was it the muppit who scribbled on all the other windows, to find that the last glass he wrote on was the trick window that ejected him into the road (please, God, let this be sooooo true!)?

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