Sunday, 29 March 2009

HOW MUCH?!?!?!

They have surely got to be bleeding kidding? Eight Hundred sobs a month?!

I bought my first place, I will freely admit, for a shade under fifty grand close to fifteen years ago. I still live there. My mortgage is around HALF what these folks are demanding of new buyers. Where the hell is the "affordable" housing for first time buyers? No bloody wonder the housing market is stuck - no poor sod can afford these outrageous prices!

Here's your food for thought: The housing market directly fuels the rise and fall in the domestic economy. Reduce housing prices for first time buyers, and, so the thinking goes, you will help us out of the global recession by first prodding our own economy up the... ahem... parts... and into motion; this will in turn help us to earn more, and thus buy more, thus increasing the flow of money (and probably inflation, but that's another matter entirely), and again improving the domestic economy. With THAT sorted, maybe we can then get the world economy jump started with increases in global (free) trade.


To the folks who built, and are marketing, the place referred to in the photo above...: Wanna rethink that apparently profiteering-like 800 quid bill?

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