Friday, 13 March 2009

The next go-kart is due in four years!

So... There I am, doing an eleven and a half hour shift (for those in the game, it was 1/1/break/1, all on different buses!) in my exceedingly well-deserved lunch break (I didn't throttle, mutilate, tear to shreds, reduce to tears, spindle, mangle, discombobulate or even yell at anyone this morning, honest Guv!) and decide, the crew room being somewhat smelly (the pong from last week's Chinese / Curry / West Indian / whatever *still* hanging in the air), to grab a bit of fresh air. As I left the room to walk over to the newsagent to get a copy of the local rag, I almost walked through a very personable young lady - oops! We both anchor up, me starting to apologise for almost bouncing her into next week when, smiling, she says "Ah. You're on the buses, not the go-carts, aren't you?" (I should mention that there's a go-kart track right behind the crew room)...

My reply? Right out of my excessively twisted and warped sense of humour...

"Yeah, sorry, love, I'm on the Buses, and the next go-kart is due in four years!"

Thankfully, she also had a sense of humour, and laughed.

Y'know.... One of these days my sense of humour is gonna get me right into the smelly stuff!

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