Monday, 23 March 2009

Ban clogs - they're hurting the trees!

I was perusing one of the many and varied forums I'm a member of today (it's a day off for me), and blundered into a discussion about someone purchasing a new satnav... the discussion meandered around a little, and then I caught this snippet regarding the way satnav units show the route to the driver of the car (van, truck, etc)...


What happens if/when the EU says no front seat screen can show ANY moving picture while underway?

My reply was somewhat sarcastic - you were expecting maybe a sensible reply? This is me, remember!

Hopefully the same thing as happened to the Dodo

Frankly, the way Brussels is, I can see those morons trying to introduce a no moving parts ruling as well - hence no steering wheel, no pedals, no speedo, tacho, etc etc etc... then they'll ban shoes as harmful to the environment due to the processes involved in manufacturing them, demand we all move to clogs, and then ban those too as harmful to trees

Kinda makes you wonder why the hell you got up in the morning, eh?

Seriously though, I'd imagine that a "no moving pictures in the front" ruling would require the mandatory use of versions of the "safety screen" while in motion.

Got me thinking for a few moments thereafter, too. What WOULD we satnav users accept in a safety screen? Would we require enhanced audio confirmations, speedier responses from the satnav units to compensate for the loss of the visual confirmation content of the screen, and so on?

More to the point, would we allow Brussels to rule from the stupid again, like so many times before in this country of ours?

Makes you wonder, doesn't it?

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