Monday, 16 March 2009

It's probably advertising...

Recently, there's been something of a minor religious advertising war, with, in the blue corner, Christianity, and in the red corner, a somewhat organised conglomeration (Oops! almost called it a congregation!) of atheists...

The ding dong war of words began with a poster advertisement, prominently placed on a number of buses around the country, proclaiming that "there's probably no god, so stop worrying," ect.

Evangelical Christian groups were horrified, outraged, and a few probably wanted a crusade to remove the adverts.

Probably better for all concerned, more wordy-wise (and frankly wiser all round) heads appear to have prevailed in the response... vis the latest poster, photographed on a bus today... which takes the Atheists text, and adds "And pray you're not wrong" on the end!

Very neatly (and drolly) done, folks :)

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