Sunday, 7 March 2010


This happened on my last trip before knocking off last night. Not much of a delay, I appear to have arrived perhaps half an hour or so after it happened, when there wasn't much traffic on the road, thankfully, or the situation might have been much worse.

It's probably just as well you can't see the mess these two vehicles made of each other. They had to be prized apart by the Fire Brigade (who left moments before I took this photo). The guys in the yellow truck are from TfL Streets, and are laying down 'Spilldry', which is used to soak up stuff like petrol, oil, and lubricants ( or "POL") at the scenes of road traffic collisions.

There were two ambulances on-scene when I got there. The last one, blocking my side of the road, shifted a couple of feet to allow us through about quarter of an hour after I got there.

Apparently, this was the result of someone forgetting what the colour "Red" means when displayed on traffic lights.

For those of you still in an alcoholic haze from last night, it means STOP.

Postscript. I should add that I was parked, service brake on, four-way hazard lights flashing, neutral gear selected, standing in the entranceway, not sat behind the wheel, at a bus stop before the lights, when I took that photo. Just in case you were wondering...

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