Thursday, 25 March 2010

People who know everything...

So... here I am, at the eastern end of the route, between buses, in my first (short, only time for a coffee) break... this last trip was entertaining, for a few moments, anyhow... finding myself ahead of schedule for a change (hardly any traffic or passengers, odd for the rush hour), I was killing a couple of minutes at a bus stop, when with a rumbling of heavy footfalls on the stairs, this middle-aged punter comes roaring up to my cab, and almost spitting venom, demands that as he pays a rather large amount of money on his Gold Season Ticket, I should be driving the bus, not parking it. trying to point out why we were stopped fell on deaf ears, as did trying to show him the route card with the schedule on it. The man obviously knew it all, and wanted no enlightenment from a mere driver.

he then stamped back upstairs and presumably resumed fuming in his seat.

As it was, I was about to carry on down the route when he first started ranting, so I'm assuming he thought he'd put the fear of God in me or something.

Nothing could be further from the truth - I was trying hard not to wet myself laughing!

I'd fathom a wild guess that he's right lonely up there on Mount Know-it-all...!

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