Thursday, 25 November 2010

Soldiers' Rank and their Pensions - A worthy Parliamentary Early Day Motion.

I tend to bin these most of the time as generally, they cannot be verified. I've checked the ARRSE website however, and this appears genuine. Here's the link there for you to verify it for yourselves: It also appears in the Parliamentary Early Day Motion website, as follows:

I feel so strongly about this, that in addition to forwarding it to several friends of mine, I've posted it here, too; frankly, the bean counters at MoD need something a tad stronger than a kick up the backside on this, and many other matters, but this is one of the few things we can do to support such a motion. Anyhow, I consider this Parliamentary Early Day Motion signature appeal to be a worthy cause, and recommend it to you all.

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Subject: Soldiers' Rank and their Pensions

Dear All,

Sergeant Matthew Telford of the Grenadier Guards was promoted to that rank in June 2009.

In November of that same year, Sergeant Telford was one of 5 British soldiers killed when a rogue Afghan policeman opened fire on them.  His wife and family will only receive a Corporal's pension since he only held his rank of Sergeant for less than a year. However, he was killed on operations by the enemy whilst wearing three stripes of a Sergeant on active service.

Please sign the petition below to support a change in the rules that deny a hero’s widow the pension she deserves.


Please forward this on to any sympathetic contacts that you may have in your address book

Denise Edgar

National Trustee
The Royal British Legion
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