Friday, 19 November 2010 "Oops, Occifer Dribble?"

Well, there I was this morning, on the second trip of the day, a third full of passengers, having left the western stand, when, two minutes down-route, I'd just entered a roundabout, and a police car came screaming across, and blocked the exit I wanted, leaving me perched on the inside lane, between exits - not good. Luckily, I wasn't blocking the exit or entrance I was straddling with my bus, but ye gods, I can think of better ways to come to an abrupt halt!

Anyhow, it seems someone had done something stupid or careless just a couple of hundred metres up the road, and an "RTI", or Road Traffic Incident (not a collision, not an accident, an "incident", whatever that means), had then ensued.

Must have been serious, whatever is was, as the Traffic Bill and an Ambulance were there too.

So, it was "welcome to the mystery tour" for my passengers, as we eventually had to take an unscheduled diversion.

Thanks also to the controller on our iBus desk at the main depot, and some judicious use of a curtailment at one of the turning points nearer to the eastern end of the route, I managed to get back to the western end of the route only five or so minutes late for my meal relief, which was nice :-)

I've still got no idea what the heck happened at the RTI, as passing it a couple of hours later on the way back showed a completely clean scene, devoid of the usual detritus and debris associated with most road messing muck-ups.

So, not good for someone in the ambulance, but I guess we'll hear all about it in the local papers next week.

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