Friday, 6 May 2011

I detest being ill. It sucks.

So, I'm currently on a second day off sick, with what appears to be a nasty dose of food poisoning. Trust me when I say this, it is most definately not nice.

In all likelihood, it's probably my own fault, as I suspect that I may not have reheated something properly. And therein lies a lesson, folks. ALWAYS make sure that what you reheat - especially in a microwave oven - is so fully and completely piping hot that it makes the paint scald off the walls at thirty paces!

But, through an almost insane amount of effort, I managed to stagger round the corner (to the school that's used as a voting station) to cast my vote in yesterdays referendum, practically at the last moment (about a quarter to ten, I think I got there) with copious rests between staggers, and much deep breathing and sweating, but I got there. Here in London, that was the only game in town: we had no council- or by-elections to worry about, just the referendum.

On reflection however, it appears that I needn't have bothered; the majority of you disagreed, as AV would appear to have been voted down, according to the exit polls. I strongly suspect that you lot really missed the point about AV, but that's democracy (and a shedload of negative propaganda) in action, I guess.

Anyhow, unlike yesterday, when the white porcelain god (well, mid-lime green in my bathroom, anyhow) was being worshipped rather a lot, I'm actually feeling a fair bit better today, and able to hold down me food, but nowhere near fit enough for work, dammit, (you try standing upright and using your legs when you've been ill almost an entire day - your stomach muscles'd complain too, trust me), so we'll see how I feel tomorrow.

Have a better time than I'm having, folks, and remember: Heat that stuff all the way through!

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