Thursday, 12 May 2011

Stolen within the last 24 hours, along with my car...

No, I'm not kidding. Stolen from the Bromley, South London area, right from outside the front of my block of flats, no less, and no-one saw a blasted thing.

  • Full set 58 pattern webbing less bayonet frog and pistol holster
  • British issue Mess tins (not that important, frankly, replicas can be had for peanuts)
  • Folding skeleton bed (1980s issue, replica)
  • 58-pattern roll mat, issue (genuine)
  • Reconditioned 58 pattern sleeping bag, regular size
  • Sleevelets, traffic directing, silver/white
  • Tabbard, orange/silver, marked "MILITARY POLICE" (Obselete, only of value to collectors and Living history types like me)

The Sleevelets and Tabbard are in the right ammunition pouch of the webbing.

The items were in the boot of the car. The car, which was declared Off-Road to the DVLA last year (and stored on the private off-road carpark hard stand here), is a Silver Ford Modeo, V59NGY. Also insude the car a two-way amateur radio tranceiver, a dual band (2m & 70cm) Yaesu FT-7800E, with remote mounting kit, radio s/no 6H531885.

To say that I'm exceedingly hacked off is putting it mildly, of course. This has been reported to the Police, and any information should be passed in the first instance to them. Thanks.

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