Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Missing half - or all - of the story...

So, here I am, on the way home from work (late in the evening, of course. Driving a bus tends to mean you work some Godawful hours most of the time), and there's some Polak screaming full tilt into his phone. In, of course, Polish. So loud, in fact, that you could probably hear him in Warsaw without the aid of a phone.

Why IS it that folks from across the waters tend to yell full tilt into their phones? Anyone?

Anyhow, as you will probably agree, it's normally bloody irritating - rarely is it damned hilarious - when you only hear half of some aggrieved call on the tram / bus / train (take your pick), but ye gods, imagine how infuriating it is when the daft git's yelling away complete gibberish in a foreign language, and you haven't a blessed clue why he's so up-in-arms! You'd think they'd add subtitles or something, so as to warn you what's going on, like "My cat ate mothers canary, and now dog has chased it up tree in front garden!" (note the stylised lousy 'English is not my first language' grammar *grin*).

Why can't they equip visitors with signs saying things like "I like shouting on the phone" when they pass through immigration?


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