Friday, 15 July 2011

Ye twittering ... um... yeah, well... here we go...

OK, fair do's. I seem to recall burbling on about not going on farcebunk - I mean facebook - to all and sundry over the last couple of years (their security would appear to suck bitter lemons, and besides, it's well over-hyped, and those who know me *know* that I'm rather averse to jumping on those kinds of bandwagons *wink*

"So, what's this?" I hear you yell... yeah... well... um... *ahem* I jumped on a different bandwagon instead. Twitter. I'm still fiddling with the feed interface and settings, but it's working so far, so even when I've not got an internet connection available, if there's a phone service, I'll be able to send short updates onto here :-)

Gotta love some of these modern techno-gagtetry thingamibobs, aincha? ;-)

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