Saturday, 3 January 2009

holy blog revival, batman - and a rant, of course.

Oops. Realised it's three months since my last entry - sorry!

Anyhow, on with the rant - I mean blant.

Car criminals. I know what I'd like to do to 'em, but unfortunately I've run outta places to hide the bodies, my tee-shirt says, so it must be true.

Why am I telling you this?

Easy. Some bloody low-IQ herbert with delusions of adequacy broke into my car - somehow circumventing my alarm and locking system, which WERE engaged, by the way), and stole my car's CD/Tuner and a couple of items (not vitally important but very annoying) out of the boot.

The Police treat this kind of thing as "low level crime", as it happens far too often, mostly, it should be said, in places where you'd expect, like council estates, certain multi-story car parks, dimly lit strets at night, and so on, not either outside your home, or at your cctv-infested workplace. As a result, they hardly ever come out to examine the scene of the crime (using SOCOs, or Scenes Of Crime Officers in UK parlance, not CSIs, which is much grander and impressive-sounding American term for it).

So. Now we get onto the meat of my anger and venom.

The Insurance Companies.

In order to keep my insurance (5 years protected no claims, no less) costs low, I went with the higher excess amounts. a ton for things like theft, three tons for everything else. Most of us in the real world do this, and the insurance companies know it. They actually encourage it. Saves from people like me claiming on their insurance for things like, say, stolen car stereos. Which cost less than the excess.

Never mind the Police bleating on about motor crime figures.

Never mind all of the bleating left-wing soppy liberal crud about them not being cuddled by mummy as a brat.

Never mind the fact that this is so bloody annoying - no scratch that, so blasted infuriating that I'd love to take a baseball bat, with 6-inch nails poking out the end, to the offender(s?) in question, and play high-velocity high-impact piƱata on them below their waists above their knees.

In the words of the oft misquoted (like now) rugby song "one red one, one white one" - I WANT MY BLEEPING STEREO BACK!!!!!

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