Friday, 9 January 2009

Political Blant: Fire the Chancellor of the Exchequer NOW!

Y'know, reading my previous post, it suddenly occurred to me that the Government isn't going to get the recession ended if things continue as they currently are. Crime will. They (the criminals that is) steal from us, we shell out our hard-earned to replace what is stolen, the insurance firms make money whether you claim or not, and the cycle repeats ad infinitum, thus circulating money, which is what the government are trying, it seems, to encourage (money circulation, I mean), as a lack of money circulation causes recessions, so we hear on the telly.

So, here's a bit of advice for the Prime Minister.

To solve criminal activity, and put our tax pounds where they SHOULD be, save your cash injections into the banks, who stuffed up the economy in the first place (sub prime lending my backside. IRRESPOSIBLE and INCOMPETENT lending is what it really was, hell if I was that irresponsible and incompetent, I'd be fired!), and re-direct the money into the Police, allow them to put ALL coppers on the streets, leave a corps of administrative assistants in the stations to do the repeat paperwork for a Proper Coppers signature, and let the Free Market (what the government is trying to prop up) suffer Darwin's Financial Services Law (the strongest survive, the weakest get eaten). There will, as now, be hardships ahead, but ye gods, the criminals'll suffer too, and that's what counts!

In short, the government has it all ass about face, as usual.


Fire the Chancellor of the Exchequer NOW!

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