Thursday, 8 April 2010

I can hear Michael Caine right now...!

So... there I am, doing my duty last night, when I pull up at a stop, open the back doors to let passengers off, and I hear a loud PING-like sound, and a shout from the back "OI! YER DOORS FALLEN OFF!"

Oh dear...

On my last trip, too.

Well, the engineers turned up, took one look, and decided that for this bus, the war was over (for one night only, of course!), and told me to drive the mechanics van back while he drove my bus back to the depot.

Seems that the securing nut at the top angle bracket had somehow come loose, and fallen off, allowing the bolt to rattle loose. Not something one sees a lot, but it does occasionally happen. Even the mechanical engineering folks can't predict when something like this will happen, it's unfortunately "just one of those things". They work to prevent them happening, but with the best will in the world, things like this happen.

Naturally, I was a little late signing off last night!

I can hear Sir Caine now...

"I only told ya ter blow the bloody doors off!"

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