Tuesday, 27 April 2010

So much for todays' great plan...

I was supposed to be on the second (annual) instalment of the new EU format CPC (certificate of professional competence) today.

Well, I got back to the depot yesterday, to find that it had been postponed - reason not stated - and that I was to do a duty on one of our other routes instead.

OK so far.

I then find this morning that:
1. The bus stand is closed (victorian water mains replacement )
2. That I'll have to hoof 600 metres in one minute to get the ferry van back to the depot later on today.

Alright. I can accept the stand being closed, there's naff all we can do about that, but asking me to run to get the ferry? they're taking the pee. I can't walk that far without getting sciatic pains in my right hip, for pities sake.

Colour me distinctly dischuffed.

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