Friday, 16 April 2010

A right pair of brain-dead muppets...

OK, no photos, unfortunately, as these two happened too quickly to get my camera onto them...

First off, is the driver of VW Touareg V6 registration number S8OBA, who overtook me at about 10:50 today - on the zebra crossing outside Selhurst railway station, when someone was crossing the road.

I'm left wondering if that driver is mad, incompetent, or merely soft in the head?

This miserable excuse for a motorist damn near ran over an elderly woman as she was crossing the road. I wonder if having an innocent pedestrian mounted half-way through that moron's windscreen will be hint enough to slow the hell down, and not overtake on zigzag markings?

Next up, and sorry, again no photo - or registration either this time - is the driver of the Astra-sized car that thought that overtaking to the wrong side of the road, into the path of an oncoming bus full of women, children, and the elderly, was a spiffing good idea. What a total and complete git. It's purely down to our hazard awareness training that I was clued up enough to spot him pulling out, in time to stand on the brakes, sound the horn, and hope... of course, this idiot gave two fingers of thanks, and carried on, leaving the bus driver of the bus he overtook shaking his head in amazement that a collision between the morons' car and my bus never happened.

And my passengers? They were saying VERY rude things about the moron

...And they wonder why we HATE amateur drivers...!

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