Sunday, 27 June 2010

Everyone and their dog has probably commented on this... now it's the turn of their bus driver, too...

I'm not a huge fan of Football... the British game, I mean, not that strange American game of a similar name, with all the padding, helmets, face guards, twenty teams per side, and a misshapen Rugby Ball...

I now know why.

Ye gods, what a bloody shambles. Since hanging the whole bloody lot of them is sadly out of the question (more's the pity), I trust and hope that all concerned with the team that we sent to South Africa, right from the top, the Chairman of the Football Association, to the bottom (pick a job to axe), do the decent thing, and resign en-mass. In fact, I strongly suspect that the bog washer at the Football Association in London is probably the only one who has no blame to take in this damnable fiasco whatsoever. It's made (and not for the first time) English football a laughing stock for the rest of the world.

Four bloody ONE?! I damn near cried into me coffee. My colleagues were in a worse state, I assure you.

I fully expect us all to be learning to speak German in time for the next damn world cup.

Thank the stars for English Rugby, which is in a damn sight better health than the so-called "National Game" of Football.

Bobby Moore's probably spinning in 'is grave, t'poor bugger.

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