Friday, 18 June 2010

Oho... a reaction - and it's for the better!

Well the roastpost I left on NavMii's forums appears to have sparked someone's attention - for the moment, at least. Seems their customer service bloke's eyes got a tad rivetted to his terminal's screen today - because he replied in double quick time - make that ten orders faster, even - than he has of late. Interesting, that. I post there, and here, and *BING!*, we get intelligent responses!

In fairness to the lad, I half suspect he's one body, catering not just to the public retail arm of GeoLife, but to their B2B (Business Clients) as well, but never the less, the recent trend of leaving customer comments, observations, and even a couple of tech support questions on their forums to fester for days, often weeks, on end, was hardly the right thing to do.

Still, he's paying attention at the moment so, while the iron is hot, I'm asking the questions I want to ask, and getting, if not 100% satisfaction, at least halfway decently intelligent answers and a certain amount of commitment from him. He's even apologised for using the word "Soon" again!

So... watch this space!

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