Monday, 6 December 2010

It *was* quite funny. Now it's endangering our people..

It was fun to watch the American Diplomatic Corps running around in ever-decreasing circles, but now the fun's over. The individual who released the sodding stuff is now directly endangering BRITISH subjects. Read here:

Releasing a US National Security Interests list that is frankly a target list for locations in Britain is not only irresponsible, it's now, in my not so humble opinion, a matter of espionage by a foreign citizen against Great Britain.

If Julian Assange IS, as has been rumoured, in Great Britain, then bugger the USA and their legal system that's even more full of holes than ours: We MUST catch and prosecute the bugger HERE, and bang him up forever and lose the damned key.

Let's be perfectly frank: That damned list has NO place being available on the internet - or anywhere else, come to that: It's an invitation for terrorist groups like Al-Qaeda to use the damned thing to target this country with a viciousness that we've not yet seen, and I for one am NOT happy about that one little bit.

Mr Assange needs, desperately, to be stopped and brought to British Justice, before he releases anything more that can be used by terrorists.

I don't know whether he's doing this out of some insane plot to destroy the world, or through some lunatic idea of open government, but either way, he's stepped well over the line now.

I won't say "Will no one rid me of this turbulent priest?" - that's asking for trouble (besides which, I'm not a king!).

I WILL, instead, say this:

Will someone please arrest the maniac before he does even worse harm to this country?

UPDATE: Tuesday 7th December 2010: Assange has been nicked, on the basis of a Swiss Extradition Warrant. I'd rather he'd been nicked under UK law, say under the Official Secrets Act and/or the Theft Act, but at least he's now under lock and key, at least until the relevant authorities get their bleeping acts together.

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