Saturday, 4 December 2010

Rolling on the floor laughing my *** off!

Well... not exactly like that, but it was a close-run thing!

Wish I could take credit for the cause, but it's so damn funny, I have to share

I had cause to look up a telephone number that called me while I was otherwise occupied the other day (I'm on the late shift this week, and was having a shave, if you must know)

Anyhow, the phone rang, and I nipped out of the bathroom, hit the handsfree answer button, and heard what sounded like the background chatter of a call centre. On saying "hello" a couple of times, to no reply, the caller hung up. Really annoying, that. So I noted the number that appeared in the caller display, and made a note to look it up, which I only just got around to doing just now.

Here's the link, which leads to a reference page on the "Who Calls Me?" website... You're looking for the sixth reply, as follows...


i had a call From these Today in the middle Of A twating Meeting

Guess how i answered

"Hello Derbyshire Cremtoriom u kill em we grill em"

the phone soon went dead lol

I'm actually thinking of adding this quote to my standard answerphone greeting

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